Liberation Psychology, Technologies of Mind Management and Self Actualization by Dr. Denis J. Carville

Welcome to Liberation Psychology’s online community! This website is designed to provide an ever expanding set of mind-tools to support you as you pursue the skills of mind control and personal development.

img_3567Please tour the pages of the website to see the variety of resources it will be providing. Our ability to share our questions, perspectives and experiences with one another is likely to be the most valuable resource of all.

You may be curious as to what exactly is meant by Liberation Psychology. Briefly, the meaning of Liberation Psychology is conveyed in the sub-title: Technologies of Mind Management and Self Actualization. You are invited to explore the meaning further by reading the Table of Contents and the Introduction to the book, which can be viewed here by clicking on the Home menu.

Every one of us comes into this world with the astounding potentials of a human mind. The mind we find ourselves with, however, is an Automatic-Reactive Mind, given by our genotype and the conditioning of our early lives. We ourselves emerge only very gradually. We are called on to train up that marvelous mind of ours so that it matures into a Rational-Adaptive Mind. That is the first liberation. The crowning liberation is achieved as we come increasingly to appreciate what we are capable of – beyond the frequently confining limits conveyed by our families, friends and cultures – and then bring that person we have the potential to become into full flower.

Liberation Psychology: Technologies of Mind Management and Self Actualization can be purchased at  I look forward to sharing with you and others a journey of mind and heart toward greater understanding and skill in the management of our minds and the realization of our marvelous potentials.